Wedding bands

Wedding bands

Let your love be a symbol of Italy! With or without diamonds, these Italian wedding bands boast an elegant finish that will stand the test of time. The perfect accessory for you and your partner as you say “I do” on one of the most they important days in your life.
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  1. £345.81

    Fede comoda in oro 750 a profilo mezzo tondo
  2. £381.29

    Fede comoda con un diamante
  3. £399.01

    Fede comoda con tre diamanti
  4. Fedina con diamantini

    Code: FE001

    Fedina in oro bianco con diamantini
  5. £703.16

    Fedina in oro bianco con diamantini e milligrana
  6. £973.60

    Fede comoda con giro di diamanti
  7. £973.60

    Fede eternity a nove diamanti
7 Item(s)