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IGI grading laboratoryIGI is the most important European grading institute base in Antwerp - Belgium.

GIA is the well known American grading institute. It's by no doubt the most popular in the US and the far East.
It's quality stardards are very high.

HRD is the world oldest diamod grading insitute. It's internationally known for its quality standards specially on big caratage stones. Like IGI it's based in Antwerp - Belgium


We have thousands of IGIGIA and HRD certified diamonds on sale directly from Antwerp at extremely low prices. It is possible to select the perfect diamond by features like shape, color, clarity, cut, etc by operating the filters on the left column. Once you've chosen the stone you can also pick the preferred setting in gold 18K or platinum 950 and create your own unique and customised piece of jewelry (engraving is also available at no extra cost). 

We ship to most countries around the world via FedEx or UPS. Shipments are fully insured and are delivered in 24 to 72 hrs depending on destination. Contact us by email, phone or live chat to find out more about our services.

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