It can be difficult to find a suitable setting or frame for a particular shape. Either because none of those "ready made" on the market meets our tastes, or perhaps you need to set a large diamond or an unusual cut like heart, radiant, asscher, cushion, etc.

In these cases it is necessary to build a frame that fits perfectly to the chosen stone.
18carati designs on customer's idea or design at no extra cost if the stone is also purchased. We just need a drawing, a photo or a link to a image found on the wen to start modeling a custom gold or platinum diamond frame.

Here is an example of a solitary ring made ad hoc to accommodate a 1-carat radiant cut diamond.
To the left two details of the 3D modeling, to the right the rendering of the finished model..

Particolare castone diamante taglio radiant
 Solitario realizzato con un diamante taglio radiant da 1.00ct
Prototipazione anello con diamante taglio radiant da 1.00ct
 Radiant cut diamond - Modeling the setting A radiant cut silitaire.

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